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1. Around 21:20 March 1st, 2014, indiscriminatekilling planned by Xinjiang separatist force happened atKunming Railway Station in Kunming City of Yunnan Province of the People’sRepublic of China.

2. Sichuan TV Station reported on March 22nd,2014 that 103 monitoring cameras in urban area of Meishan were cut down overnight.

3. On March 14th, 2014, an injury eventhappened in an area under administration of Wujialing Sub-district Office,Changsha City, resulting in casualties. The police arrived at the spot promptlyand arrested a criminal from Xinjiang, with 3 otheraccomplices on the run.

4. On May 6th, 2014, Guangzhou policeannounced that at 11:30 that day, there were people hurting passing passengerswith knives at the square of Guangzhou Railway Station, the police shot onesuspect and this event had led to 6 citizens injured.

Mass disturbances (including Xinjiang, Chengdu, etc.) happen in manyplaces. The public security authority needs seamless connection of monitoringcameras. However, the fact is that many monitoring cameras have problems due toequipment or power supply reasons.

If all the monitoring cameras are seamlessly linkedand work normally, the criminal will be under surveillance while moving from oneplace to another place. During case investigation, get the videos and nocriminal would be able to escape.

Monitoring camera Platform Framework

Social public net

Functional department

Access platform forsocial organizations

Established front-endequipment

Establishedmonitoring platform


Video net

Mianyang municipalsharing platform

An County sharingplatform

Monitoring cameraimage resource (Existing standard definition, new high definition)

Image resource frommonitoring and recording system

Security boundary

 Public securityintranet

Mianyang municipalnetworking platform

An County networkingplatform

Image resource fromvideo supervisor and mobiles police vehicle

Other intranet imageresource

 Public security businesssystem

 Municipal sharingplatform

 Aggregation switch

Social access unit

Management controlunit

Media transport unit

 Social net

Video net

Aggregation switch     

Operator network


Establishedmonitoring platform


County-level sharingplatform

Video net

Central managementunit

Access unit forsocial organization

Access unit formonitoring and recording system


Video access gatewayunit

Disk array

Streaming media transportunit

System data unit 

Electronic map unit 

Video diagnosis unit           

Video storage unit 

Intelligent event detection unit

All-purpose decoder 

TV wall 

Serial server 


Image studying unit

Image management unit

Aggregation switch

High definition and standarddefinition image resource from monitoring camera

Image resource from monitoring andrecording system

Municipal networking platform

Aggregation switch

County-level networking platform

Central management unit

Media transport unit

 Image studying unit

Image management unit

System data unit

Video storage unit 

Video networking gateway unit       

Data interface unit 


Aggregation switch

Wired intranet image resource

Video supervising system

Wireless intranet image resource

3G garage 

Individual equipment

Public security operation system



Electricity-takingmanner of monitoring camera front-end device (speed dome camera, etc.):

At present, monitoring camera takes electricity from nearby municipal power supply to guarantee that the electricity isnot so frequently cut off. Or it uses the powersupply from the central plant room of a small area (crowded area like railwaystation, etc.)

The first manner involves the municipal power supply, which has theproblems of unstable voltage and easy power failure, etc. The cost of layingwires for power supply from central plant room is high and in case of anyproblem with the power supply or the UPS in the plant room, the monitoringcameras in the whole area will be blinded.

There exist many potential risks. The main purpose of the monitoringcameras is to help deal with problems on the spot according to the datatransmitted when emergency happens. If the electricity is not guaranteed, thecriminals can blind the monitoring cameras and hinder case investigation bydestroying the municipal power supply or the central plant room.

Therefore, the normal performanceof monitoring camera front-end should be guaranteed with monitoring powersupply, which must have the following functions:

ü  Designed for outdoor working environment, with IPprotection factor reaching IP44.

ü  Capable of continuous power supply for more than 8hours in case of power failure of the municipal power supply.

ü  Power supply for speed dome camera is AC24V sinewave inverter output, ensuring synchronous extraction of camera motor 50HZ.

ü  One-time inversion output, avoiding the mode ofinverting twice by traditional UPS inverting into AC220V and then reducingvoltage through transformer. Working efficiency of the whole device isimproved, electricity loss of video monitoring is reduced and energy andoperation cost is saved.

ü  Designed for high working site, using host hotplugging technology, easy and convenient for maintenance.

ü  Sophisticated protection function design: overloadprotection, output short circuit protection, output over-voltage protection,protection for working temperature higher than 85, protection forbattery voltage lower than 10.5V.

ü  Adopting high-power high-frequency charger andadvanced PWM pulse width modulation charging technology, ensuring the batteryis fully charged in short time, effectively lengthening battery service life.

Equipped with remote dry contact monitoring port:normal operation, abnormal municipal power supply, battery low voltage alarm,equipment fault.

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