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UPS Solution for Broadcasting and TV Industry
    In terms of the uninterruptible power supplyfor plant room of cable broadcasting and TV center, EVADA provides the solutionof “big and small UPS combination” for the safe operation of the whole system,which pushes the UPS application in the broadcasting and TV industry toward anew stage. The key for the future reform of our country’s broadcasting and TVindustry will orient toward digitalization and broadband. And its fundamentalconstruction will include such application systems as computer, network,digital video sending and receiving devices, and the plant room facility systemthat supplies these application systems with safe power protection. Theimportant thing about EVADA product is its realization of effective backgroundprotection of the hardware and data. The solution of “big and small UPScombination” for the safe operation of the uninterruptible power supplyequipment for the plant room of the broadcasting and TV center, with relativelysmall capital investment, solves the safe operation problem of guaranteeing the“hardware and data double protection” for the MAN devices in the plant room(server, router, interchanger, etc), advancing UPS application in thebroadcasting and TV industry onto a new stage.

   Generally, both the server and router havetwo input switching power supplies, which can be connected to two power suppliesand make sure these two switching power supplies providing backup for each otheralways has a UPS working.

   The administrator can conveniently configureUPS parameters on Web interface, e.g. off time, battery low voltage value, etc,which makes the administration easier. Besides, the administrator can check UPSworking parameters on Web interface, e.g. input value, battery capacity, etc,which eliminates the drawbacks of traditional regular manual checking andachieves timely monitoring. Moreover, in case of change in electric powerenvironment, UPS can itself perform relevant actions according to presets, e.g.safety shutdown of the operating system, user broadcasting announcement,execution of command needed by user, etc, which realizes UPS product automaticmanagement.

    For such important devices in the plantroom as server, router, etc, this system is a dual power supply systemprotecting both the hardware and the data. It is equivalent to two UPSs workingin parallel.

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