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UPSSolution for Integrated Banking Business System

To facilitate the management,the banking system is usually classified into the following levels: head office - branch - sub-branch - banking office,savings agency or business outlet. Under some circumstances, the name or levelmay vary. The picture above shows the classification.

In recent years, many banks have stepped onto the road ofintensive operation, combining the original computing centers at provincialbranches into one or two large data centers, which are temporarily referred toas central office or regional office (or head office). The equipment in thesedata centers may influence the businesses of multiple provincial branches oreven the whole country, so its importance goes without saying.The kind of data center has very high requirements for UPS performance andconfiguration.

If the equipment in the plant rooms at provincial capitalfails to operate normally due to power distribution fault, part of the businessesin the whole province and all the businesses in the provincial capital will beaffected, and fault of plant room of municipal (branch) level will influenceall the businesses within its administration. Normal operation of the equipmentin this kind of plant room concerns the businesses of the whole province orcertain city, so these plant rooms are also very important. They have highrequirements for UPS configuration that are lower than those by large datacenters.

As for the configuration of plant room at county-levelsub-branch or large business outlet, since the front-end processors at someplant rooms of county-level sub-branch are gradually taken to the plant rooms atmunicipal branch and only some networking equipment like routers andinterchangers are left, the importance of this kind of plant room is not sogreat as it was before. Some sub-branches place the networking equipment in thesub-branch business hall or other larger business outlet. The networkingequipment failing to operate normally will influence the businesses of thecounty and has certain importance.

UPS loads in the business outlet include teller terminal,security video monitoring equipment, self-service devices like ATM, ATM digitalvideo monitoring device, etc. The general load is 2-3kVA, so a 3kVA UPS issufficient for such business outlet. The influence of business outlet caused byfault is limited, so business outlet does not have special requirements for UPSquality and saving money is its priority.

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