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As is known to all,electricity has become an indispensable part of human life nowadays. Powerfailure or shortage will not only bring great economic losses but also have aserious impact on people’s daily life. The “electricity shortage” in 2004resulting from insufficient power supply serves as a key factor in promotingthe rapid development of the power sector in our country. Accordingly, recentyears have witnessed the construction of a variety of power plants (thermalpower, hydraulic power, nuclear power, diesel power plants, and variable loadplant, etc.) all over the country. Based on the predictions by relevantnational departments, the power sector will be a hot industry for nationalinvestment. It is estimated that the country will invest in building 2 nuclearpower plants every year since 2005. And in the near future, the investment for theconstruction of China’spower plants is likely to reach as high as 600 billion Yuan……

The Trend of Networkingand Integrating

With the rapiddevelopment of electric power information construction, in order to fullyutilize the latest achievements in information and network technology and acceleratethe development of information and automation management in the power sector,all power enterprises are engaged in the development and building of theirautomatic monitoring system, information management system, remote networkscheduling and communication technology. EVADA, as an end-to-end overallintegrated solution provider, has been dedicated to the industry for manyyears, which endows it with a deep understanding of the power sector. We holdthat informatization is now gradually expanding from the operation level to thenew stage of networked, integrated and comprehensive application. First,networked management is the trend. To bring the maximum potential of the powerplants in different areas into full play and make it the power supply systemwith “high utilization efficiency” that can truly be used by the terminalusers, whether the electric power grids of different voltages can bereasonably, timely and accurately managed and scheduled or not is one of theimportant symbols determining the management level of modern electric powerindustry.

Currently, theelectric power scheduling network consists of five levels of electric powerscheduling management system, namely national electric power schedulingcommunication center, regional power network scheduling center (six regionalscheduling centers in the northeast, North China, northwest, Central China,East China, south, etc.), provincial power network scheduling center located inprovincial capital cities, municipal scheduling center in different provincesand county-level scheduling center. The electric power information network, onthe other hand, is the power data network completely independent from the powerscheduling network. “Physically isolated from” the power scheduling network, itis an information communication and network management system matching with thefive power scheduling management systems mentioned above. From the perspectiveof its major task, it assumes such work as operation scheduling management,power market transaction, power metering and billing, and enterpriseinformatization office and management in the power sector.

To achieve the“integrated protection and management”, EVADA commits itself to providing thepower industry with the power protection and management equipment necessary forthe “end-to-end” overall integrated solution, including standby generator,parallel generator units, a variety of low voltage switch box, ATS automatictransfer switch, communication power supply, large and medium-scaled on-line VFIUPS, frequency converter, precision air conditioner and monitoring system, etc.They can be applied to such areas as the power station, information center,transformer station and scheduling center. Particularly, considering thefeatures of the application in the power industry, EVADA also provides special UPSfor the power stations. The product series can guarantee the absoluteelectrical isolation between the entire UPS system and mains power network.Meanwhile, being the high and medium-power UPS with three phase or single phase380/220/110V input and single phase 220V output, the product can be directlyused with the users’ storage battery power supply system.

The power and plantroom protective equipment mentioned above constitutes the power configuringsystem of “integrated plant room protection” that can satisfy different demandsfrom the power sector, which includes standby generator, automatic transfersystem, AC distribution system, AC uninterruptible power supply system,precision distribution system, DC uninterruptible power supply system,lightening and surge protection system, room environment conditioning system,power device and environment monitoring system, etc.


To better meet thespecial demands in power central control room, EVADA has introduced XMI-Dseries UPS, which uses advanced chips as the core processor of the system andis dedicatedly developed for such important AC devices in the power industry asbackground computer, hub control panel (screen), RTU, transmitter,communication device, monitoring device and emergency lighting device, etc. Thewhole system adopts the most mature traditional Voltage and FrequencyIndependent (VFI) structure in the industry, capable of high reliability andrapid transient response. XMI-D series are simple in design, easy to maintainand noiseless, most suitable for installation in the computer room.

Referring to theactual condition of domestic power system and the trend of the clients’ officeautomation, this product is oriented toward exquisite quality, excellentperformance and humanism operation in its design


Genuine on-line VFIstructure: All the disturbances from power grid are effectively removed, thusproviding the purest power supply and the most complete protection for criticalloads.

Advanced IGBT powerdevice: High efficiency and stable performance guarantee the reliability and stabilityof the system.

All-in-Chinese LCDdisplay: All kinds of status information is shown to give a direct access toUPS status.

N+X redundantparallel technology: High reliability; no additional parallel cabinet needed;the parallel operation of the system is realized by the internal microprocessor;non-master-slave current sharing, high precision load sharing.

Monitoring softwareUPSilon2000: UPSilon2000 can detect UPS temperature, volume, load and voltage,etc. When the mains power is interrupted or UPS battery is in low voltage, itcan fully perform its function of unmanned monitoring. UPSilon2000 supportsWindows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP, etc. Matching with SNMP network interfaceadapter, it can fulfill the function of network monitoring.

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