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Free technical consulting service:

Evada has establishedspecialized Customer Service Center to provide users with pre-sales solution confirmation,model selection, on-site installation, power supply capacity confirmation, on-sitetraining and other consulting services, and after-sales technical consulting serviceconcerning UPS, which is in possession of after-sales maintenance capability ofrapid response.

On-site installation and debugging service

We have createdfiles for all users purchasing UPS products from our Company. After the productarrives at the user’s place, our Company may dispatch specialized technician toaccomplish on-site installation and debugging of UPS products as per the serviceagreed between the user and our Company.

Free maintenance service during warranty period

All UPS productspurchased from our Company are entitled to one-year free warranty period. Duringthe foregoing warranty period, in case of fault of UPS, damage of components andother unforeseen situations, we will perform free replacement, troubleshooting andmaintenance on the damaged components and the broken-down UPS, provided that theoperating environment, operating condition and standard operation are satisfied.

Maintenance service after warranty period

After theoperation hours of UPS product exceed its warranty period, our Company still assumethe lifelong maintenance responsibility of UPS. Users may choose one of the followingtwo maintenance methods according to their practical conditions:

Cover insuranceon the operation of UPS with our Company. The annual insurance fee can be agreedbefore purchasing and shall be confirmed while purchasing or come up with afterthe warranty period. The continuous insurance period for each time shall not exceed2 years and shall be renewed after the expiration. The service staff of our Companywill perform on-site check and maintenance on the insured UPS equipment on a regularbasis.
As for those users not covering insurance on UPS equipment, in case of fault ofUPS equipment, users may send it to our designated address or our Company may dispatchpersonnel to conduct on-site maintenance work. For such maintenance, we only chargefor replacement expense of damaged components and basic service expense (includingtravel expense, lodging expense and cost of labor).

Response time of maintenance service

In case offault of equipment, upon receipt of the user’s notice, our Company will responseas fast as we can. The maintenance plan will be confirmed according to the distancebetween our Company (branch) and the user, the traffic condition and the expedienceto transport (carry and move) the user’s UPS. In Xiamen city, the on-site maintenanceservice staff will arrive within 12 hours, while in other cities, the on-site maintenanceservice staff will arrive within 1 (large-and-medium-sized cities) – 4 (inaccessibleareas or remote areas) days.

Xiamen EvadaElectronics Co., Ltd. has established offices throughout the country. Each officehas professional technicians with years of on-site maintenance experience, mainlyresponsible for pre-sales and after-sales service of UPS. Moreover, each officeis equipped with various models of equipment and various kinds of accessories soas to provide quality service as soon as possible.

Our service concept: give you uninterruptible care.

UPS not only refers to the main product produced by Evada - UninterruptiblePower Supply, but also stands for the Uninterruptible Perfect Service and the uninterruptible care we provide for our customers.Evada gives its customers uninterruptible care and concern through its productsand services by virtue of first-class product quality and sincere service.

You can contact our sales outlets nationwide, callour hotline 400-633-0592 or leave your message in our website at any moment, andwe will give you our sincere feedback and service immediately.