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HW-DE series lithium integrated power supply


Application fields

Private network machine room such as operator indoordistribution base station, network optimization, outdoor remote coverage; Railway,post & telecommunications and public security organs

Performance features

Ø  Easy for installationand use

l  Indoor and outdoor design, convenientfor various environments

l  Compact size with built-in lithium-ironbattery; integrated structure, easy for installation and space-saving

l  Adoption of module structure for powermodule, battery, power distribution unit and cooling system, to realize fastinstallation and maintenance, easy to use

Ø  Safe and antitheft

l  Adoption of closer interlocking toimprove antitheft

l  Optional access control system.Installation of antitheft alarming device for the power supply cabinet;automatic alarm upon opening of the cabinet, to improve antitheft

l  Perfect protection integrating outputover-voltage and under-voltage protection, output overload and short circuitprotection, over temperature, battery under-voltage warning and protection,battery over-charging protection, anti-surge and lightning protection and so on

l  Unattended operation. Automatic poweroff protection in the event of power supply by the battery and in the endbattery under-voltage due to outage of mains supply; in the event ofrestoration of mains supply, UPS detects whether voltage and frequency of mainssupply are within normal range; in the event that voltage and frequency ofmains supply are beyond normal range, only start charger to charge the battery;in the event that voltage and frequency of mains supply restore to the normalrange, UPS automatically starts and supplies power for the load

Ø  Energy-saving andreliable

l  Have power-on self-diagnose, to identifypotential failure as early as possible in UPS and avoid loss

l  Smart shifting design of fan, to extendservice life of fan, efficient and energy-saving

l  Built-in lithium-iron battery,applicable to wide range of temperature, high specific energy, long servicelife and environmental

l  Adoption of digital control technology,to avoid temperature drift of hardware parameters of the traditional analogcontrol and ensure the consistency and reliability of UPS

l  Strong load capacity: for the suddenchange in power at the moment of launching base station equipment, adopt theadvanced IGBT power device, with increased load capacity, able to run for along time under full load, to save cost for users

l  Adopt the advanced power factorcorrection (PFC) technology, to realize input power factor of up to 0.99 underfull load, to improve the utilization of electrical energy and thoroughlyeliminate harmonic pollution of UPS upon mains supply grid and lower therunning cost of UPS; it is a green environmental power supply of a high priceperformance ratio

l  Cold start: in case of no mains supply,start UPS with battery, to meet users' emergency requirements. Stronger coldstart capacity, able to conduct cold start under full load

l  Optional heating blanket: automaticallyheat battery at a low temperature, to improve performance of the battery at alow temperature

Ø  Smart monitoring andmanagement

l  Standard RS232 communication interface:with monitoring software, conduct remote online monitoring of power supplysystem, to improve and simplify network management and improve the reliabilityof the system; support optional RS485 interface and SNMP card

l Dry contact communication interface, including mainssupply outage, low battery and system alarm interfaces