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EYA-X series micro power supply

Application fields

Small stored program control exchange, access network, transmissionequipment, mobiles communication, satellite communication ground station, andmicrowave communication power supply

Performance features

Ø  0.99 Rectifier moduleadopts active power factor compensation technology, with power factor of up to0.99

Ø  90290V Wide input voltagerange, with alternating current input voltage of 90290V

Ø  Adoption of full bridge soft switchingtechnology for rectifier module, to realize efficiency of over 94%

Ø  Perfect battery management. Have lowvoltage of load defense and low voltage of battery defense (LVLD+LVBD), to achievetemperature compensation, automatic proportion drift charging control,automatic voltage regulation, battery calculation and online battery tests andso on

Ø  Network design, providing variouscommunication interfaces (like RS485 and dry contact), flexible for networking,to realize local and remote monitoring, with unattended operation

Ø  Perfect alternating/direct current sidelightning protection design, to adapt areas with more thunderstorm

Ø  Perfect fault protection and fault alarmfunctions

Ø  Adoption of aviation interface fordistribution end, safe for installation and use

Ø  Optional APP, to realize remote meterreading

Ø  Protection grade of IP65, supportinginstallation in outdoor environment and various harsh environment

Ø  Optional output 48Vdc and 280Vdc modules

Ø  Normal working at -25~55

Ø  Module design, convenient forinstallation and easy for operation and maintenance

Ø  Standard lithium iron phosphate battery,convenient battery expansion; optional lead-acid battery

Ø  Operation and maintenance all at thefront, supporting hanging and clamping installation, to effectively save space

Ø  Extra low radiation. Adopt advanced electromagneticcompatibility design, rectifier module conforming to requirements on conductionand radiated interference in Limiting Value And Measuring Methods ofElectromagnetic Compatibility of Communication Power Supply Equipment (standardfor telecommunication industry of PRC YD/T983).

Ø  EN60950GB4943 Safe and reliable.System design fully conforms to safety standards EN60950 and GB4943