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EYY series remote equipment

Application fields

RRU, BBU, repeater, small macro base station, microcellular base station, trunk amplifier, EPON, GPON, ONU, OLT equipment

Performance features

Ø  DC 200V400V   Wide input voltage range DC 200V400V

Ø  Input over voltage and under voltage andoutput over voltage and under voltage auto protection function, with aprotection time of no more than 20ms; after fault clearance, automaticallyrestore power supply

Ø  Short circuit protection: in case ofshort circuit of positive and negative, the system will cut off high voltageoutput at local side, with a protection time of more than 20ms; after faultclearance, automatically restore power supply

Ø  Output over voltage protection function,with a protection time of no more than 20ms; after fault clearance,automatically restore power supply

Ø  Protection grade of IP 65, tight anddust prevention

Ø  Over temperature protection: in theevent that the temperature surpasses the set value, equipment will shut downoutput; restore power supply after temperature falls

Ø  Adoption of non-polarity input method bypolarity auto overturn of the remote equipment input-48V

Ø  Adoption of natural cooling method, toreduce fault point of fan to better adapt various environments

Ø  Lightning protection: Havelightning protection and anti-surge function of input end, design grade≥20KA

Ø  Have lightning protectionand anti-surge function of output end, design grade≥20KA

Ø  Conform to indoor and outdoor standardinstallation sizes