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JK series video monitoring power supply

This productis an outdoor power supply system specially designed for the video monitoringsystem, road video monitoring system and security video monitoring system, ableto provide stable and reliable electricity.

Performance features

Ø IP55 Outdoor working environment design:adoption of unique interior structure design, IP protective index of up to IP55

Ø Integrated design of video ball-head camera and opticaltransceiver power supply, without the original power adapter, to lower hardwarecost

Ø Adoption of one-time inversion output, to avoid the twiceinversion working mode of the traditional UPS by inverting to AC220V and thenreducing voltage with transformer, to effectively improve the workingefficiency of the complete machine, lower electricity loss by video monitoringand decrease energy and operating cost

Ø For the special use environment, adopt the actual mainengine module hot plug technology, easy to operate and conduct replacement andmaintenance for non-professionals

Ø Have mains supply bypass maintenance switch, to ensurethe normal operation of load in the event of equipment maintenance

Ø Adoption of 20KVA professional lightning protectionmodule, to effectively prevent the interference of thunder and ensure thenormal operation of equipment

Ø Perfect protection functions: overload protection, outputshort circuit protection, output over voltage protection, over temperature protectionand battery under voltage protection and so on

Ø Adopt high power and frequency charger and advanced pulsewidth modulation (PWM) charging technology, to ensure to recharge the batteryin a short time and extend the service life of the battery

Ø Have remote dry contract and RS232 monitoring interface:normal operation, abnormal mains supply, low battery warning and equipmentfailure

Ø  Natural cooling design, to improve theefficiency of the complete machine, avoid dust collection of the traditionalair cooling and improve the reliability of equipment

Ø  Clamping installation design, easy installation and matchingwith equipment