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HP-T series power frequency online UPS 10KVA-400KVA

hree-input and three-output 10KVA-400KVA

Application fields

Medical equipment, precision instrument, large data room,communication network management center

Bank/securities settlement center, expressway lighting/billing

Medium-and-large-scale data room, medium-and-small-scaleoffice automation, large-scale automatic production lines and their controlsystem

Performance features

Ø  Reliable and stable

l  With fan shifting & cooling systemon the top, may be installed on the wall, to save space for users

l   N+1 redundancy fan shifting & coolingsystem, to ensure system safety upon failure of easily damaged parts

l  Built-in manual maintenance bypassswitch, to further improve the reliability of the continuous operation of theload

l  Adoption of advanced phase locksynchronization technology and electronic static bypass switch, to ensure theuninterrupted power supply for the load

l  Standard output insolating transformer,with good load impulse resistance and short circuit protect capacity; withpower frequency design, better adapt to unstable electric environment

l  Allow 100% unbalance of three-phaseload, strong load adaptability, convenient for power output, especiallyapplicable for important environments such as machine room, communication andindustrial application

Ø  Patent design

l  Adoption of the new vortex fan, withexcellent heat dispersion and energy-saving shifting

l  Adoption of advanced digital parallelcontrol technology, to enable the parallel operation of up to 8 machines, toimprove the reliability of the system 

l  Adoption of multiple feedback controlmethods such as instantcontrol and effective values, to realize high-dynamicadjustment and decrease output voltage distortion

l  Adoption of high-speed DSP digitalprocessor and programmable logic device, with higher complete machine precisionand faster calculating speed, to ensure the stable operation of the system

l  Adoption of the state-of-the-art IGBTtechnology generation 6, to overall improve the operational efficiency of the inverter,to decrease the temperature rise of UPS and deliver higher reliability

l  The unique parallel connection of UPSof the same series but different power, automaticdistribution of the load according to UPS power, greatly convenient for thecapacity expansion of UPS

l  Adoption of digital circulation controltechnology, to ensure the same frequency, phase and voltage of the parallelUPS, to greatly decrease UPS circulation and overall improve the reliability ofthe parallel system

Ø  Perfect protection

l  Self-diagnose upon start, to avoidfailure risk due to hidden trouble of UPS

l  AC input surge protection,overvoltage/under-voltage protection; output overload/short circuit protection;inverter and rectifier over-temperature protection; battery under-voltagewarning

l  Battery over-charge protection; variousfuse protector and circuit breaker and so on, to ensure the stable and reliableoperation of the system

Ø  Smart and friendly

l  Humanized 7 inches Chinese and Englishoptional human-machine touch screen, easy and clear flow diagram on operatingcondition, smart icons, to realize easy human-machine communication

l  Standard MODBUS protocol RS485 port and14 dry contact port, especially applicable for industrial control

l  RS232 port together with smartmonitoring software, to realize instant messaging with PC; communicationinterface of PC clearly shows various parameters and running condition of UPSsystem; through software settings, set up multiple functions of UPS system

l Optional SNMP adapter with internet access, to providereal-time UPS data and battery information; message and manage through variousnetwork management platform, to make system become one member of the network