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HQ-I series industrial UPS 1KVA-120KVA


Application fields

Electric power, petroleum, chemicalindustry, maritime industry, military industry, aviation, rail transit,industrial manufacturing, ships and other industrial fields

Performance features

Ø   Safe and efficient

l   Extra wide input voltage range,applicable for industrial electrical network environment

l  Adoption of advanced power frequencyIGBT rectification technology, with high input power factor

l  With battery cold start function, in theevent of no mains supply, use battery to start UPS, to make full use of theemergency backup function of UPS, more convenient and reliable

l  Friendly operating design, flexibleoperating order, safe and easy to use

l  Standard input/output isolatingtransformer, excellent load impulse resistance and short circuit protectioncapacity; with industrial UPS design, better adapt to unstable electricenvironment

Ø  Physical property

l  Unique ventilation method, to formnatural convection, independent air dust and thermal shunt design

l  Adapt to high temperature, high humidity,dust, saline and alkaline, corrosive gas, and shock and other adverse operatingenvironment

l  All circuit boards are applied withanti-corrosion insulating coating, thus insulated, damp-proof, shook-proof,dust-proof, anti-creeping, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and corona-resistance.

l  Reinforced combination cabinet, humanizedfront-maintenance design, to save space. Various optional components to improveIP level, to adapt all kinds of harsh industrial environment

Ø  Other properties

l  Adoption of N+X self-adaptive paralleltechnology, to easily realize parallel connection of multiple machines

l  Adoption of three-phase balancecharging, to improve the usability and reliability of the battery

l  Adoption of DSP control technology andpower redundancy design, to achieve better performance and adaptability

l  Manual maintenance bypass design, toprovide uninterrupted power supply to the load during maintenance, to improvereliability and maintainability

System status, operating procedures, real-timemonitoring value, trouble shooting materials, diagrams and so on are displayedin Chinese & English and diagrams with an advance and convenient touchscreen.