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HP-X power frequency online UPS 10KVA-200KVA

10KVA-200KVA  Three-input and three-output 10KVA-200KVA

Application fields

 Medical equipment, computer equipment

Precision instrument, large data room,communication network management center

Bank/securities settlement center,expressway lighting/billing, automatic production lines and their controlsystem

Performance features

Ø  Smart digital control technology

Adoption of advanced DSP technology,excellent performance of the product; IGBT modular has good high-speed switch,high voltage, heavy current, high working efficiency, to effectively improvethe overall efficiency and reliability of the product

Ø  Friendly human-machine interface

LCD Chinese/Englishdisplay panel clearly shows the running condition and load condition of UPS,battery power supply condition and other information, to enable users to knowthe power supply quality and change in application environment at any time

Ø  Built-in output isolating transformer

Strong impact resistance, to providebetter protection from interference due to the sudden change in the load

Ø  Power-on self-diagnosis

Upon power on or start-up, UPS conducts an inspectionto key operating circuits, to timely identify any problem and avoid losses ofany kind

Ø  Direct current cold start

In the event of abnormal mains supply,use battery to start UPS, to make full use of the emergency backup function ofUPS, more convenient and reliable

Ø  N+1 parallel redundancy

Parallel needs no balancereactance, able to realize parallel of multiple machines

Ø  ECO economic running mode

Have ECO running mode, efficientand energy-saving, to lower users' cost to use

Ø  EPO emergency shutdown

UPS In case of emergency, able to shut off UPS promptly

Ø  Smart management

Standard USB portand RS-232 port

Optional RS-485 port and SNMPnetwork adapter, to realize remote management and monitoring

Ø  Installation and maintenance

With the full-front design, convenientoperation, maintenance and replacement from the front board