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XMI-HR series smart alternating/direct current integrated power supply 1KVA-3KVA


Application fields

Indoor distribution system, remote unit, macro coverageand fixed network access

Performance features

Ø  Flexible to use and strong environmentaladaptability

l  Optional lithium iron phosphate batteryor lead acid battery

l  Standard 19 inches U type rackstructure, supporting hanging or embedded installation, flexible to use

l  Strong load capacity, supportingoperation of 150% of rated load impact, applicable for load non-linearcharacteristic communication equipment

l  Simultaneous output of alternatingcurrent 220V and direct current 48V, insulation of alternating and directcurrent, to effectively resolve load power supply of various communications ofthe operator

l  Direct current cold start and power-onauto start. In case of no input of mains supply, start with direct current;auto start upon power on, to meet users' requirements on emergency handling andtimely failure handling

Ø  Efficient and energy-saving

l  Input power factor of above 0.99

l  Smart multiple shifting fan

l  Efficiency of over 90% under batterymode and over 99% under mains supply mode

Ø  Safe and perfect protection function

l  Battery protection. Set up battery lowvoltage, to extend service life of the battery

l  Integrate output overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overload and short circuit protection, overtemperature, battery under voltage warning and protection, battery overcharging protection, anti-surge and lightning protection, to greatly ensure thestability and reliability of the operation of communication system

Ø  Unattended operation

Automatic protection of the system in the event ofbattery under-voltage due to failure of mains supply for a long time; Automaticpower on and charge the battery upon restoration of mains supply, toeffectively protect the battery and extend the service life of the battery

Ø  Smart monitoring and management

l  Dry contact communication interface:including mains supply outage, low battery and system alarm interfaces

l Standard RS232 communication interface: able to conductremote online monitoring of power supply system, to improve and simplifynetwork management and improve the reliability of the system; also supportoptional RS485 interface and SNMP card

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