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Marketing Information

Since its incorporation, Evada has beenconcentrating on the promotion among the industrial users, especially in theindustries such as communication, electric power, petroleum, petrochemistry, radio& television and government. By virtue of our great efforts, our productshave achieved high awareness among industrial users and also obtainedrecognition from industrial users.

In order to further broaden the marketoutlet of our products, enhance the awareness of our products among the users andto finally achieve the vision of our company, Evada, a Global Brand in China, ourcompany determines to make more efforts in terms of retail, wholesale andsystem integration.

Evada has made a decision to launch GPseries 1-20KVA high-frequency UPS, which is suitablefor retail and wholesale or matches system integration. Such product featuresfavorable price and reliable quality, and the demand side in different cities candirectly take delivery of goods from our branches or offices across the countryso as to reduce the freight charges and service cost borne by the users and to maximizethe benefit of our partners.

For detailed content or information, pleasecontact our sales outlets or directly contact Business Department of Evada.

Product information isavailable upon request.