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Mission:to make electric energymore reliable and efficient

"Reliableand efficient" represent the quality that Evada has been pursuing over thelast two decades.

Evadastays true its original mission and sticks to innovation: always put users'needs in the first place;

Ithas been always striving for continuous improvements to deliver perfectproducts;

Providereliable and efficient electric energy and guarantee electrical safety. Evadaalways cares about the users.

Core values: Beconfident, efficient, innovate for transcendence and work together for win-win

Confident and efficient

Evadapeople are confident, because they have complete confidence in the enterprise;

Evadapeople are efficient, because they always strive for perfect fulfillment of jobobjectives.

Innovate for transcendence

Evadapeople are innovative, never satisfied with the status quo.

Evadapeople always aim for transcendence and press ahead with a determined spirit.

Work together for win-win

Theteam spirit and cohesion render Evada people to work together for greatachievements;

Evadapeople always believe in win-win which motivates Evada people to make concertedefforts and share great achievements.